Lexter - Sound and Scent Design

Lexter creates conceptual sound- and scent experiences in public environments. The right sound and scent, at the right place, for the right person strengthens positive feelings and experiences, communicates and informs.

By using sound and scent design you can add new dimensions to a brand or a product, create comfort and atmosphere or mask unwanted sounds and smells in an environment. 

Our assignments are always implemented with the human being in mind, regardless of the type of environment and how much time people will spend there. When talking about public environments, the full experience is getting more important and sound and scent design is a great way to be able to reach more senses.

The sense of hearing and the sense of smell are two incredibly powerful senses. Therefor sound and scent design that are implemented in the right way, is a very effective creative tool when you want to create a certain experience, feeling or function in an environment. 

At Lexter we provide the full working progress, from pre-study and idea to audio production or scent casting and choice of technical equipment, installation and management. We have a great variation of clients which demands creative and functional solutions suitable for that particular client and the specific conditions. 

All audio content, such as seamless, hand produced playlists, specially composed music pieces or audio logos, is produced by our sound producers in our own studio. We create full audio concepts and select the special audio technology that is required to implement the idea. In most environments there are already existing sounds, and we always take them, and the accoustic conditions into account before we create the audio content. 

Lexter has great experience and knowledge when it comes to scent design in public environments. Our scent design is found in larger environments such as shopping centres and hotels, and in smaller spaces such as shops and art exhibitions.

In some public environments we use odor masking to mask unwanted smells. In our scent library we have a wide range of scents to choose from, and it is also possible to get a signature scent exclusively for your brand.

The image above is from the shopping centre Mood Stockholm with sound and scent design by Lexter.


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