“People are changing their habits, and that's changing the way they shop. The shifting retail landscape challenges the role of traditional store formats. We at Fagerhult are always searching for new innovative ways to develop and enhance the shopping experience, and The Lobby is a perfect example of a new way of approaching the customers.”

Light affects people. It affects how we feel. If we feel awake or tired, if we feel busy or relaxed, or perhaps inspired. Our goal is to evoke feelings that results in greater shopping experiences. The lighting concept is something that can tip the scale, and close a deal. 

Fagerhult is an international lighting company with a network of creative and innovative professionals. Our main focus is knowledge. Founded in 1945, by Bertil Svensson, it is now a leading lighting companies with a total of 3,229 employees in 25 countries.

We develop, manufacture and market innovative and energy-efficient lighting solutions for professional indoor, outdoor and retail environments. We offer a wide range of products and solutions, developed using expertise and insight into the positive impact of light on people in a variety of environments.

Over the years, Fagerhult has added many strong brands through acquisitions. Fagerhult’s share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.
We provide lighting solutions for retail and hospitality concepts and commercial environments, which strengthen and develop the brand whilst enhancing the lit space and it’s merchandise.

With subsidiaries in more than 25 countries, operations  are divided into four geographical business areas. Marketing and sales activities are primarily performed locally through subsidiaries and also via agents and distributors thus giving Fagerhult access to more than 40 markets.

Production units are located in Sweden, Finland, the UK,  Germany, Australia, Turkey, South Africa, China and Thailand. The Group’s head office is in Habo, Sweden.


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