Deloitte Digital

Deloitte Digital is a proud partner to the Lobby.

As one of the largest digital agencies in the world and a global leader within digital transformation, we are heavily engaged in the re-shaping of retail and envisioning the future of shopping. We are a creative digital consultancy and our 9 000 digital specialists around the world help clients with all aspects of digital transformation, including strategy, creative & branding, innovation & design, and technology & operations. Locally in Stockholm, we have a team from our innovation & design agency Mobiento / Deloitte Digital to support our engagement in the Lobby.
Together with AMF Fastigheter and an ecosystem of technology and solution providers, we are jointly creating a Retail Innovation Lab inside The Lobby. At the heart of the lab is Deloitte Digital’s iOS-based ‘Connected Store’ solution, previously only set up in London and New York. The solution showcases a digitally enabled and enhanced consumer and employee experience and on top, we curate and invite cutting-edge solution providers to be part and showcase innovative retail solutions to retailers and measure the effects and impact of innovations in a live retail environment. For selected retailers, we offer an opportunity to run own innovation projects inside The Lobby and co-managed by a dedicated team from Deloitte Digital.
Quote: “The Lobby is clearly one of the most innovative arenas for the future of retail you could find globally right now. Deloitte Digital is proud to be a part of what AMF Fastigheter is building right now.”


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