Slow fashion with SOOT Sthlm

NAMES: Anna Takahashi & Annette Lind.

RELATIONSHIP: Mother & daughter.

With a long background in fashion, buying and production (along with mutual stubbornness) they knew that they could make a difference. 
Together Anna and Anette launched their first brand, Legnology in 2012. Creating the ultimate pantyhose that fit women's natural curves and everyday needs. 

In 2016 Soot STHLM followed, as a complement and continuation to Legnology. A minimalistic slow fashion concept with the same philosophy of sustainability, comfort and fit.

The vision is to move away from fast and cheap, treasuring quality over quantity. 

The better the make, the longer it lasts, the less we throw is the philosophy. Shop SOOT Sthlm at The Lobby Market on the lower floor of The Lobby.