New brands at The Lobby Market

We have a bunch of new exciting brands at The Lobby Market, downstairs from The Lobby street level.

DD sthlm creates jewelry in silver and brass and founder Desirée Rosborg can sometimes be found by the stand and DD sthlm table, hammering on new jewelry.

Understatement was established in 2017 by Marie Stolt and Maria Lager with the vision to provide the market with premium, playful and contemporary underwear.

Mad Nonna was founded by the contemporary artist Manuela Vintilescu, with exhibitions around the world she has also been working with many different print techniques. Now creating amazing pattern and prints for silk scarves, velvet cushions, wallpaper and carpets among other things.

Le Cord was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, at our design and research studio Local Electronics. Our collection holds a wide style
range made in various colours and premium materials like textile, leather and wood. All items are approved by Apple inc. and have undergone a detailed visual design- and engineering process to meet the best durability combined with a fashionable appearance.

How to best describe Swedish Air? The best premium fat and sugar free Swedish air possible, perfectly packed in a handy small little can. Perhaps the gift for that someone who has it all.