It’s not a store. It’s so much more.

The Lobby is a place for brands and consumers to meet, interact and create the offerings and shopping experiences of tomorrow.

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What's up

  • Alkeback

    Alkeback presents a curated wardrobe for warmer latitudes.

  • World Market Sthlm

    "Our aim was to create a collection of design items that wasn’t represented here in Sweden."

What is The Lobby?

Think of The Lobby as a monthly lifestyle magazine with constantly updated content.

The Lobby Market

The Lobby Market, a dynamic marketplace where designers, independent artists, vintage collectors and startups showcase innovative products and ideas.

Why The Lobby?

There are a million reasons to be part of The Lobby. These are three:

  • Boost your brand

    A plug and sell retail solution, short contracts, flexible by month, together with exposure within The Lobby physical space as well as on The Lobby website and social media channels. The Lobby is the perfect way to boost not only your e-commerce but your entire brand.

  • Launch new products or concepts

    Access to cutting edge multimedia shopping tools together with fitting rooms and experienced retail personnel - The Lobby is the perfect place to launch a new product or to test a new twist to your business.

  • Test a new market

    A highly flexible gateway to the Stockholm retail market. No investments or staff recruitments needed, The Lobby gives you access to physical retail space in the heart of Stockholm city.